The Fate of the Liberal International Order and Rising Powers


Rising Power Quarterly (RPQ) is seeking proposals for a special issue to be published in 2019 (Volume 4). Since its inauguration in 2016, RPQ has established a unique place and become one of the important portals for studying rising powers in International Relations.

The main theme of the Special Issue

Since the end of the WW II, the so-called liberal international order (LIO) has been attached to the US role in international politics and economics strongly. As the global distribution of power shifting, it is generally accepted that LIO has been challenged by the rising powers. At the age of Trump, that very order has also been challenged by the sole founder. Therefore, one of the most discussed topics among International Relations (IR) scholars today is the future of the LIO. At the height of the discussion, some argued that the end of the LIO has already arrived, some said the LIO will survive, even some questions the very existence of the LIO by describing it no more than a myth. There are numerous studies that deal with the history, current and the future as well as the very meaning of the concept. In this sense, views on a post-Western or post-American world focusing on the new distribution of power and the role and capacity of rising powers in shaping and reshaping the global order have become one part of the discussion. In addition to that the opportunities and risks for the rising powers as the American led liberal international order fading away have been at the top of the discussion lists among the IR scholars. Yet, there are too many what, why and how questions in this regard. This special issue brings papers from different perspectives in order to analyze the fate of the LIO and rising powers by taking individual cases by asking four basic questions in addition to others:

  1. What does the LIO mean to different rising powers? How do these rising powers think about the American led LIO?
  2. What ways in which do rising powers see the history, current and the future of the LIO?
  3. How and to what extent do rising powers try to shape or reshape or reform the existing LIO?
  4. How can rising powers bring about a new international order, and what would it be basic parameters such order?

Abstracts will be reviewed by Hakan Mehmetcik, Guest Editor.

Please submit your abstract of 250 words to  before February 15, 2019.

Decisions will be made on the abstracts by February 28, 2019. Notification of the status of each abstract will be sent to all submitting authors.


Deadline for abstracts: 15 February 2019

Decisions on the abstracts: 28 February 2019

Deadline for final manuscripts: 30 May 2019

Online publication: August 2019