The “Indo-Pacific” – Regional Dynamics in the 21st Century’s New Geopolitical Center of Gravity

Proposed Special Issue

Rising Powers Quarterly invites submissions of abstracts for a special issue on the Indo-Pacific region and conceptualized in various capitals as an “Indo-Pacific Strategy” and/or the “Africa-Asia Growth Corridor.” This call for papers is stimulated by the ever-increasing use of the nomenclature “Indo-Pacific” by diplomats, policy-makers and scholars to denote a spatially coherent zone combining the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The spur for conceptualizing this area as a distinct region varies considerably. For some, it derives from the fact that the Indo-Pacific has emerged as the epicenter of the world’s economy. Others view the region through a security lens, placing emphasis on the shifting balance of power – resulting from China and India’s growing material capabilities – and what this could mean for future cooperation or conflict in the region.

This special edition of Rising Powers Quarterly seeks to make a timely contribution to the discussion about the Indo-Pacific’s defining characteristics and its place in world politics, today and in the future and will necessarily analyze the conundrums inherent in these terms and constructs, to include issues of contending and complementary roles in global governance as well as the sharp lines drawn between emerging powers and more those more established. In order to explore this issue from a variety of perspectives, this call for papers seeks a geographically and thematically diverse set of manuscripts.

*Selected abstracts will also be submitted in total as an edited book volume.

The following issues/themes/problematics are encouraged, as well as other innovative areas of empirical and conceptual concern proposed by authors:

  • Regional institutional arrangements
  • US-Indian naval convergence
  • Divergent perspectives on the “Indo-Pacific” as a geopolitical space
  • The Indo-Pacific in US Strategic discourse
  • Japan’s perspectives on the Indo-Pacific
  • South East Asia and the Indo-Pacific
  • South Asia and the Indo-Pacific
  • Australia and the Indo Pacific
  • Indo-Pacific and eastern Africa
  • The Indo-Pacific as a cognitive construct
  • Growing economic integration between the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific
  • Growth of military projection capabilities of countries in the Indo-Pacific

Abstracts will be reviewed by Brendon J. Cannon and Ash Rossiter, Guest Editors. Please submit your abstract of 250 words to  before April 15, 2018.

Decisions will be made on the abstracts by April 30, 2018. Notification of the status of each abstract will be sent to all submitting authors.


Deadline for abstracts: 15 April 2018

Decisions on the abstracts: 30 April 2018

Deadline for final manuscripts: 01 June 2018

Online publication: August 2018