China’s Crucial Role in Resolving North Korea’s Yin and Yang Crisis

The Korean War was never over. Instead, an armistice was signed with each protagonist remaining on his guard. From America’s point of view, the North Korean question remains a thorn in their flank since the 1950’s. It is a reminder of the Cold War era. During the Korean War, the US troops had significant losses, which pushed General MacArthur to suggest the idea of launching an atomic bomb in North Korea, but his suggestion was dismissed. From the North Korean point of view, the country is still at war with the US and this idea is sustained by the propaganda of the regime in place. Thus, we have a crystallized conflict that has never been resolved; the embers are always on and may trigger a ‘fire’ at any time… This seems imminent with the latest North-Korean H-Bomb test. The question that arises then is what is the real meaning behind this test? Is it intended to scare the Western World (namely the American enemy) or to wring concessions from China to have more aid? To answer this question, let’s examine the relations between China and North Korea. They are governed by Confucian relationship rules where China plays the role of Yin (visible aspect) and North Korea, that of Yang (invisible aspect). China condemned North Korea’s latest nuclear test, but is this condemnation made to please the rest of the world (the US and the EU to name only these two) or does it emanate from its interests? Will China join … Continue reading China’s Crucial Role in Resolving North Korea’s Yin and Yang Crisis