China vs. the West: An Analysis of the Current Geoeconomic Tug Of War 

The Dragon is awakening, and the world is trembling The Dragon woke up making the whole world tremble. Nothing shakes China, not even the 2008 financial crisis during which its model was seen as an alternative model savior. China continues to display insolent growth and impudent arrogance. China’s success challenges and fuels many curiosities. Indeed, here is a Confucian state, which is not formally a Western liberal democracy, officially communist, that has become the second largest economic power in the world in just three decades! The country has experienced a surging leap with China’s accession to the WTO and thanks to the government’s “Go Out Policy” strategy, a real catalyst to Chinese companies. However, it is not easy to describe precisely what China’s opening up to the rest of the world in 1979 is really about. It took almost 30 years of internationalization for researchers to explain a little bit more accurately the outline of the nation-state of China. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has shown its capacity for adaptation and modernization through a series of reforms accompanying the progress of its industrialization. China was both cautious and rational following in this Confucius teachings, empiricist and opportunist like the West and, finally, secretive as taught by Sun Tzu. During the 2008 crisis, China was not shaken by the debacle of the Anglo-Saxon financial system, thus revealing the strength of its management system, all the more reinforced when it was solicited by the G20 (of which it is a member) … Continue reading China vs. the West: An Analysis of the Current Geoeconomic Tug Of War