Vinícius Rodrigues Vieira


Dr. Vinícius Rodrigues Vieira (DPhil in International Relations, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 2014; M.A. in Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2010) is a Fung Global Fellow at Princeton University and a Postdoctoral Tenure-Track Researcher at the Institute of International Relations of the University of São Paulo (IRI-USP), Brazil. He is also a Fellow (Non-Resident) of the Summer Program in Social Science of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Princeton (2015-2017). Having held visiting positions at Yale University (2012) and Vanderbilt University (2004), Dr. Rodrigues Vieira focuses his work on the intersection between material and ideational factors in International Political Economy (IPE) and is the secretary of the International Political Science Association’s (IPSA) research committee on that subfield.